Distinguished Sites

The Vineyards

Since its foundation in 2002, Tapanappa has expanded its vineyards beyond the Piccadilly Valley as Brian adhered to the core philosophy that continues to drive his winemaking practice, defined by the concept of Distinguished Sites.

The “distinguished site” concept has now been applied to two more South Australia regions adding to the repertoire of  terroir-defined wines of Tapanappa’s highly respected, fine-wine portfolio.

Those three Distinguished Sites are:

The original Tiers Vineyard planted with Chardonnay in the Piccadilly Valley in 1979

Foggy Hill Vineyard planted with Pinot Noir at Parawa on the Fleurieu Peninsula in 2003

Whalebone Vineyard planted with Cabernet and associated varieties in Wrattonbully in 1974

The Croser family has invested significantly in refining the viticulture of these three distinguished vineyard sites.

The old vines at the Tiers and Whalebone vineyards have been restructured and re-trellised. New vineyards have been planted with superior clones on rootstocks at very close spacing, inspired by the traditional European formula 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres with the vines only 0.5 metres above the soil surface.

As they did with the Piccadilly Valley in 1979, the Croser family has pioneered a new wine region at Parawa on the Fleurieu Peninsula by planting Dijon clones of Pinot Noir on rootstocks at the close-spaced Foggy Hill Vineyard.

At each of these vineyards, Brian and his team have keenly identified the components of terroir and nurtured their influence in the grape growing and winemaking process to bring to the bottle the finest expression of each site.

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