Tapanappa Foggy Hill Vineyard 2010 Pinot Noir

Vintage Notes

2010 was a warm vintage at Foggy Hill accumulating 1277°C days of heat during the growing season versus the average of 1135°C days. An unprecedented hot spell in November followed by a warm summer advanced the harvest into early March. 2010 vintage had 25 days over 30°C versus the average of 17.6days. Rainfall of 299mm’s for the growing season was just less than average of 318mm’s and the vines survived the warm growing season in good health. During the ripening period after veraison, only 4 days exceeded 30°C. 

Perfect small bunches of Pinot Noir were hand harvested on the 4th and 5th of March and transported to the Petaluma winery in the Piccadilly Valley about one hour north of Foggy Hill.

Two Dijon clones (115 and 777) were destemmed, crushed and chilled separately to open one tonne fermenting tubs containing 10% chilled whole bunches. The harvest analyses of the two clones averaged 24 Brix (%sugar), pH 3.60 and Total Acid, 6 gpl.

Winemaking Notes

The Pinot Noir fruit was destemmed crushed and chilled to 3°C, 50ppm of SO2 was added and the must was placed into the 1 tonne fermenters. The fermentation tubs were sealed down for 4 days for a cold maceration and were then seeded with a yeast strain selected from our own vineyards. Our own strain of malo-lactic bacteria was added at the same time. The tubs were hand plunged morning and night throughout the fermentation.

The fermentation on skins lasted 10 days and at its peak of activity reached 35ºC for a two-day period. When all of the sugar was exhausted the tubs were sealed down for a further 7 days of juice contact with the skins. The contents of the tubs were transferred to a small air bag press and drained and lightly pressed to barriques without any settling. A mixture of 30% new and the balance one and two year use French oak barriques were used.

The wine was allowed to sit on lees until the malo-lactic fermentation was complete in November after which it was racked and SO2 was added before the wine was returned to barrique. After 9 months in barrique the wine was clear racked in January and was bottled on February 18th 2011. The analysis of the bottled wine is, alcohol 13.2%, pH 3.68, total acid 5.7gpl, SO2 75ppm, volatile acid 0.78gpl, sugar 0.07gpl.

The Taste Of The Wine

Tapanappa 2010 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir is of medium colour intensity and is cerise in hue. The aroma of 2010 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir is of ripe fruit Pinot Noir without any hint of greener characters. Rich aromas of blackberry conserve with hints of rose and anise provide the fruit core with added complexity of earth and coffee. Despite its ripeness, 2010 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir retains the ethereal qualities attributable to the cool maritime terroir.

The flavours are sweet spicy and strong and are poised against the tannin and acid in a savoury structure. The alcohol remains unobtrusive against the powerful and slightly exotic flavours. This the fourth exciting wine from Foggy Hill Vineyard on Maylands Farm at Parawa at the apex of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The style of the 2010 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir is a reflection of the terroir in a warm year compared to the more restrained 2009.

Winemaker: Brian Croser

Bottled on the 18th of February 2011. Only 900 cases made.

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