Eden Valley 2015 Riesling

This is a special wine that evokes a lot of memories for me. It is the first time I have touched Eden Valley Riesling since I made the very famous 1975 Hardys Siegersdorf Riesling. It is also the first wine made in partnership with my old friend and former Chief Winemaker of Petaluma, Con Moshos since he returned to the Tapanappa winery in Decemeber last year.

Another first in that it is the first wine made by Tapanappa from someone else’s vineyard. The Bartholomeus vineyard in Eden Valley is Con’s selection providing the best fruit from old vines. The wine was harvested and made at Con’s insistence to the exact standards we developed together at Petaluma from 1979 onwards.

2015 Tapanappa Eden Valley Riesling was late harvested (it was the last fruit into the winery) and is a dry quintessentially Eden Valley Riesling “a pure reflection of a unique terroir”, floral and flinty with a very long life ahead.

BJC, 6/11/2015.

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