SALA Exhibition 2021

Patterns in the Landscape

An exhibition in response to the elements, forms, textures and colours within the landscape.

9 – 31 Aug
Mon – Sun 11am – 4pm

Tapanappa Wines
15 Spring Gully Road, Piccadilly
p: (08) 7324 5301

Geoff Weaver

My working life has two aspects; wine and art. They are both a great joy and never ending projects. My journey in painting began in 1974 and continues despite losing so many of my paintings in the recent bushfires. I am rebuilding my body of work now and there is such a rich and diverse world around us I am never short of subjects that inspire me. Many places I revisit over and over and each painting is new and different. My aim is to catch the essence and spirit of a place at that moment in time. It is ever changing. I want to convey the joy I have in being there to whoever sees the painting. It is my way of connecting most closely with the land I love. While health and strength remain I will always be painting (and making wine). It is what I do.

Yvonne Nowland

To work with clay is to touch the earth. Clay gives me endless possibilities to be creative. I use the coiling and slab technique to construct my pieces, as it allows me more freedom to shape. The process of forming the material, the making of a three dimensional piece, invites me to contemplate on our landscape. I take inspiration from the natural environment. The collection in this exhibition reflects marks in rock formations, layers in soils, dry lands, burnt trees; it is a contemplation on climate change. I aim to create beauty in pieces that reflect our world.

John Nowland

I make small exploratory paintings in response to elements, forms, textures and colours within landscapes. I enjoy drawing, making marks and gestures fascinated by their placement and juxtaposition.

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