A Net Dilemma

Author: Brian Croser
Source: Tapanappa
Review Date: Mar 2011

The dilemma that has kept me awake overnight is to not put nets on Tiers and whether to take the nets off Foggy Hill.

Without nets we can spray with sulphur dioxide to control the inevitable Botrytis following berry split which is likely to be happening now.

The morning will tell the story.

Piccadilly had 55mm, Whalebone had 36mm and the Fleurieu had 29mm. More rain is forecast for next Sunday and Monday and then the following Sunday and Monday. What is it with Mondays in the closing stages of ripening in 2011?

On Saturday I am off to Chile for one week to look at the crop there before harvest. They sent us the La Nina which is contributing to the problems of 2011 while it is sunny and dry there as normal.


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