2009 Whalebone Merlot Cab Franc – Exceptional – 95 points

Author: Jeremy Pringle
Source: Wine Will Eat Itself
Review Date: Jun 2013

Apart from a short heat wave at the end of January, 2009 was a cooler vintage in Wrattonbully. The coolest since 2005. It’s made for an even better rendition of the Tapanappa Whalebone Vineyard Merlot Cabernet Franc than the terrific 2008 release. Fresher fruit, more definition and less warmth. The oak-driven structure ensures longevity but it is more approachable than the Cabernet Shiraz at the moment.

Cedar, dark chocolate and coffee. Smoke, brown grass, spiced plum and redcurrant. A pleasing hint of olive and some gamey-ness. It’s slightly silty in the mouth. More about fruit intensity than weight, still it’s nearing full-bodied. Maintains a degree of elegance though and has character and complexity in spades. 95 Excellent – Exceptional

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