Foggy Hill Vineyard 2017 Pinot Noir Latest Reviews

"2017 vintage looking very good"

Stuart Robinson
Review Date: 
September 2018

Does nothing to supress my urge to visit this site. Looking very good this 2017 vintage, even if it warmer than average - not always great for the variety at hand - but the seasonal warmth only tells one aspect, for the preceding winter was gloriously wet, given the dormant vines a good drink. And in return how they reward us.

Sour Cherry, Leaf matter, meaty, with mushroom skins. Beautifully savoury Pinot Noir.

Soft, silken - like a scarf, threading its way across the palate. Has a slight woody, burnt ends and undercurrent of caramelisation to it. Further reinforcing its savoury credentials, backed up with a resurrection of fruit presence. Impressive.

93 points

"Arguably the best ... I've seen" - 2017 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir

Campbell Mattinson
Wine Front
Review Date: 
October 2018

2017 was a warmer than average year at Foggy Hill but the wine wasn’t harvested until late March, early April. This is arguably the best Foggy Hill Pinot Noir I’ve seen. It’s fragrant, it’s pretty, it’s well formed and then it’s lengthy through the finish. It sets up its case meticulously and then prosecutes it both firmly and convincingly. Florals, meats, spices, macerated cherries, a clip of sexy oak. Mouthfeel is creamy and then dry in a good way. In all respects it’s both a beautiful and an impressive wine.

94 points