2009 Foggy Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir – 17.7 points

Author: Andrew Graham
Review Date: Nov 2010

I’ve had this open for a day and a half now and only now is it looking at it’s best. In fact, yesterday afternoon when I first opened the bottle I was left thinking ‘what did I see in this last time’. What a difference a day makes…

For today it looks bright, vibrant and serious, glowing ruby red in the glass and smelling backward. That’s much of the problem with this wine – beyond the redcurrant it’s actually quite sullen and herbal, restrained and just a bit warm. It tastes very much like a work in progress actually, with a palate that is bound up in acidity and soapy stem tannins. It’s this structure though that is ultimately one of the best things about the wine, a hint of glory that reminds just how serious a Pinot this is.

In the wash it’s unquestionably a smart wine, if not the most obvious beast at the moment. 17.7/92+

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